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Product Details

Country Mallow

Abutilon Indicum is commonly known as Kanghi. It is a native plant of South Asia. Kanghi is a perennial shrub, soft tomentose approx. 3-metre height plant is found in India, Srilanka, Tropical region of America, Malaysia. It is useful in gout, peptic ulcer, tuberculosis, bleeding disorder. It can be used as a digestive, laxative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory. It is our regular & prime product.

Other Information - Our Abutilon Indicum extract is free from paraben, ethylene oxide or any added chemical or gama treatment. Our extract is free from residual solvent, pesticide, fungicide. Our product complies with the organic specification.


Family Malvaceae Odour Characteristic odour
Latin Name Abutilon indicum Herb Extract Ratio10:1
Sanskrit Name Atibala Water solubility Water Solubility- 6
Common Name Country Mallow Alkaloid Mucilage 25%
Solvent Used Hydro Alcohol Taste Bitter
Storage Condition Store in a Dry and cool place in double PP bag with container.Appearance Dark Brown

Total heavy metal NMT 10 ppm

Heavy Metal- Total heavy metal NMT 10 ppm
  • Arsenic – NMT 1 ppm
  • Lead- NMT 0.3 ppm
  • vCadmium – NMT 0.2 ppm
  • Mercury – NMT 0.1 ppm
  • Microbial Profile –
  • Total Plate Count NMT 1000 CFU/G
  • Yeast & Moulds NMT 100 CFU/G
  • E-Coli Absent
  • Salmonella Absent
  • Staphylococcus aureus Absent/G
  • Pseudomonas Absent/G
  • Chemical

    Chemical (Phyto Active) -

    Hescoses, nn-alkane mixtures, alkanols, B sitasterol, Vanilllic, p-coumaric, acceic, fumaric and amino acids, alantaolactone, iso alantolactone etc.

    Special Information

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